Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lock picking: How to Pick Deadbolt Locks with Two Bobby Pins.

How to pick a deadbolt locks with bobby pin.

Locked out? Don't have the money for a locksmith? Want to take up lock picking? Well, do not worry all you need are two bobby pins to pick deadbolt locks. Read on to Find out more!

What Lock Picking Tools you will need to  Pick Deadbolt Locks:

  • A locked deadbolt
  • One bobby pin in a L shape
  • One bobby pin completely folded

Setting up Your Lock Picking Tools:

The L Shaped Bobby Pin:

Start with just a normal bobby pin and fold up the bottom about 2cm. This will create an L shaped bobby pin. Much like a lock picking tool that a locksmith will use, the torque wrench.  If your bobby pin has rubber balls at the end like many do remember to remove the rubber balls so that the bobby pin can fit into deadbolt locks. See picture below:

The before and after picture for creating a lock picking tool

The Unfolded Bobby pin: 

This bobby pin is quite simple just completely unfold it and remove the rubber balls at the ends. This will create a simple lock picking tool that can be used to lift the pins inside the lock. 

The before and after picture in creating a common lock picking tool

Steps to Pick a Lock with Two Bobby Pins:

  1. Insert L shaped bobby pin into bottom part of key hole.
  2. Apply slight torque (sideways pressure) on L shaped bobby pin
  3. Insert the unfolded bobby pin into the lock
  4. slowly drag (or scrub) the unfolded bobby pin along the pins in the lock outwards,
  5. Repeat number 4 tell key hole rotates slightly
  6. After key hole rotates slightly remove unfolded bobby pin
  7. Continue trying to rotate key hole tell unlocked
    • This can sometimes be difficult to do just don't lose patience 
  8. Once key hole is almost in unlock position safely extract L shaped bobby pin.

Video Showing How to Open a deadbolt Lock with a Bobby Pin:

Here is a video I found on Youtube  about lock picking, it shows you how to go about picking deadbolt locks with two bobby pins.The music that go's with the video is a little annoying but it shows you exactly what you need to do. Always remember to only pick your own locks to stay out of trouble


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  19. This is great , just this might take practice. The sad thing is , im locked out of my house right now. I have two bobby pins , just I can't get in and I followed all the steps. Have any advice?

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