Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to Remove and Replace Old Door Locks

This is just a simple blog post with step by step instruction on how to exchange your old door knobs with new ones.

Removing the Old Door Knob:

  1. Make sure lock is unlocked
  2. Unscrew the screws on the inside of the door
  3. Turn knob so that the door latch opens
  4. Pull inside knob out of door while holding on to the outside knob
  5. Set both parts of the knob aside
  6. Unscrew face plate on the side of the door
  7. Remove the door latch

Inserting the New Door Knob:

  1. First check to see if the new door know will fit into the hole already provided.
    • If the new door knob is to big you may have to drill a bigger hole
    • If the new door knob is to small for the hole already there you may have to purchase a metal face plate for the door.
  2. Next see if the new latch will side into the old latch hole
    • If the new latch is to big then take a flat head screwdriver and scrape away some of the edges of the hole tell the new latch slides in.
  3. If all parts of the new lock will fit into the designating holes you can began putting the lock on the door.
  4. First insert the latch
  5. screw in the latch
  6. Next insert the inside knob through the latch
  7. check to make sure that turning the knob causes the door latch to retract and be release
    • If so you can go onto step 8
    • If not take out the inside knob and replace it back through the latch make sure that the long metal piece goes through the main latch.
  8. Attach the outside side door knob 
  9. Insert one screw and screw in slightly into its designated hole
  10. Insert the second screw into its designated hole
  11. Tighten both screws wile holding the outside knob
  12. Check to make sure door knob turns
  13. check to make sure key still turns in lock
    • If key does not turn in lock try un-tightening the screws just a little bit to relieve some of the pressure on the mechanisms inside the lock
If every thing checks out then great job you have just replaced your old door knobs.


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