Sunday, February 3, 2013

Did you have Clothes on?

Have you ever locked your keys in the house?  I know almost everyone some time or another has locked themselves out of there house. Most of us then spend the next hour trying to get out of calling a locksmith. We check all the windows and doors. We even look at our little brother and wonder "hmmmm can he fit through the dog door?" But here is the question that I have for all you readers out there on the world wide web. Did you have clothes on?

My night started like any other, I was sitting  at home getting ready to prepare dinner, when the call came in. Some poor soul had lock themselves out of the house and needed a locksmith to get them back in.

Now to me this is a pretty ordinary call because the locksmithing business I work for has a mobile unit for cases just like this. I get into my truck and began my journey across town to the house with the locked door. When I reached my destination there wasn't a soul in sight, now this is kinda odd for me because most of the time the people that lock there selves out of a house have know were better to be.

If you have ever gone to somebody house to fix something then you have experienced that murky situation where you wounder if you are at the right destination. So I yelled out that the locksmith had arrived. From the back of the house came a mans voice telling me that he would be right there. After the man called out all you could here from the  back of the house was female giggles.

Now this seemed odd to me, but hey people can just be weird sometimes. Next thing I know a man walks out from behind the house. BUTT ASS NAKED!

Wholly crap this night just got interesting. Imagine trying to pick a lock for a house with a naked man hovering behind you. I takes all your will power to keep a straight face while doing it. Now here is my question for all you readers out there, would you be able to keep a straight face?

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