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Pin Tumbler Lock

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Pin Tumbler Lock

The Pin- Tumbler Lock is a cylinder based lock design that uses movable pins to prevent rotation of the plug. A Pin Tumbler lock uses a key with specific cuts to properly move pins upward and allow for the plug to rotate which in turn causes the locking bolt to retract.

 Pin tumblers utilize a series of pins that are stack upon each other and pushed down by a spring. Each stack of pins must be properly raised to allow the stacked pins to separate at the shear line of contact. Once the pins are separated the plug can easily rotate freely allowing for the lock to be locked or unlocked.

Parts of a Pin Tumbler Lock

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Key pins (bottom pins)
The pins that are touched by the key. Key pins are sized differently corresponding to the different depth cuts on the key.
Driver pins (top pins)
The pins placed between the key pins and the spings. In their resting position, the driver pins block rotation of the plug.
Springs placed above the pin stacks push pins down to the their resting position, ensuring that pins cannot be trapped
The plug is the inner piece of the lock that rotates upon insertion and tension of the correct key. The plug is connected to the cam to actuate the bolt mechanism when rotated.
The cylinder is the outer piece of the lock that houses the upper pin chambers and the plug. Driver pins and springs are trapped in the cylinder's pin chambers when the correct key is used and plug rotated.
The cam is an extension connected to the back of the plug which actuates the bolt mechanism to lock or unlock the lock

Vulnerabilities Of Lock

Pin-tumblers are vulnerable to a wide variety of attacks. The specifics of the pin-tumbler design and manufacturing tolerances will determine the exact vulnerabilities present, but most pin-tumblers are vulnerable to at least one or more of the following:
  • Lockpicking
  •   Pick Guns
  • Key Bumping
  • Tryout Keys 

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