Monday, February 11, 2013

How to get into Your Car with a Wire Hanger.

How to Unlock Your Car with A wire Hanger.

Have you ever been so busy or distracted that you locked your keys in your car? I am remarkably great at this, I have a tendency to lock my keys in my car at some of the most  random places. Well as a locksmith you may think that I am always prepared for this, that I always have a hide a key, but I am blond for a reason. For some of you out there that are like me and don't want to pay $50-$80 to get a locksmith to come unlock your car (plus for me it becomes really embarrassing).  I am going to teach you how to unlock a car with a simple wire hanger and a stick.

Lets say your out shopping and you come back to your car and find that you have locked your keys end. Do you have a hide a key? No, well then I guess your just going to have to call a locksmith. Or maybe not you can always use a unfolded wire hanger because desperate times calls for desperate measures. I wire hanger is not the best tool to use to unlock your car door because it overly flexible and hard to maneuver but in a pinch it works.

What you will Need:
  • A Wire Hanger or a long piece of slightly flexible metal
  • Some form of wedge sicks work well and so do longer flat rocks and a hammer.
  • A locked car
Where to find a wire hanger if you are out and about
Now your probably thinking "where the hell am I going to find a wire hanger, when I am stuck in a stores parking lot". If you don't have a wire hanger available all you will need is some form of long slightly flexible metal. You don't want it to be to flexible though because when its to flexible it becomes cumbersome to maneuver. Now if you don't have any such metal near by, is there a dry cleaners near by? Dry cleaners are a great place to find a wire hanger, plus they will most likely give it to you for free.

Lets get started
  1. Unfold your wire hanger
  2. Look at the type of locking lever you have on your car
    • Can you easily just push a unlocking button?
    • Does your car door open from the inside while its locked?
    • Do you need to create a small hook on the end of you hanger to pull up a lever?
    • Is your locking mechanism a slide lever?
  1. Now decide on the way you will unlock the car button, door handle, lock lever
  2. All most every driver side door as some small form of leverage to be able to wedge the door open. Take your hammer or stick and wedge the door open where you will have just  room at the top right hand portion of the door to fit the wire hanger.
  3. Now place the wire hanger into the small wedge area and start sliding the hanger into the car.
  4. Now comes the hard part, there is no true technique for this part just keep trying tell you get the car to unlock. 
  5. Try pushing the unlock button or even pulling out the door handle
  6. Now after the car is unlocked dont worry about taking out the stick, rock, or hammer it will just fall out when you open the door. Just watch your toes.

Now Here is a video that I ran across on created by Jessie Nino on how to get into your car with a wire hanger. I hope you enjoy and good luck in the future getting your car unlocked. Remember it take time and it is difficult.


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