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Wafer Tumbler Lock

Wafer Tumbler Lock

Wafer Tumbler Lock by Google Images

The Wafer Tumbler Lock is a type of lock that uses a set of flat wafers to prevent the lock from opening unless the correct key is inserted. The wafer Tumbler locks operation is similar to the pin tumbler lock except for the Wafer lock has only a single piece (wafer) instead of stacked pins. If any wafer is insufficiently raised or raised too high, the wafer edge will be in one of the grooves, blocking rotation.

Components of Lock

A flat piece of metal placed in the plug of the lock as the primary locking mechanism. Each wafer may have a different size or a different protrusion in the center to provide differs. When wafers are positioned so that they are not protruding from the plug, the plug and cam can rotate to lock or unlock the lock.
On the side(s) of wafers a spring is used to bias wafers out towards the cylinder.
The plug is the inner piece of the lock that rotates upon insertion and tension of the correct key. The plug is connected to the cam to actuate the bolt mechanism when rotated.
The cylinder is the outer piece of the lock that houses the plug. The cylinder is responsible for blocking rotation of the plug when wafers protrude from the plug.
The cam is an extension connected to the back of the plug which actuates the bolt mechanism to lock or unlock the lock.

Components of Wafer Lock Image by Google Images
Wafer Tumbler Lock locks are not vulnerable to key bumping or attacks of a  pick gun because they do not use pin tumblers. Bumping a wafer lock will damage the wafers and may cause the bump key to get stuck in the lock. 
Wafer locks are vulnerable to a variety of attacks:
  • Lockpicking 
  • Impressioning  
  • Decoding 
  • Bypass

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  5. A lock won’t work as it should if improperly installed. Thanks for sharing what and how wafer tumbler locks work. Even though wafer tumbler locks are generally regarded as low security devices (as they can easily be raked similar to the method used in pin tumbler locks), these locks are best used for filing cabinets and drawers.

  6. I am having extreme difficulty in finding a source for additional (different sizes) wafers. My new key must require a different combination than the original. Are each unique or can you interchange different manufacturers wafers? In my specific case I'm trying to rekey the door and trunk locks on a 2005 Kia Spectra.